EUROPEAN ACADEMY FOOTBALL- Our goal is to expose American soccer players to European football, European coaches- not just by holding camps throughout the country with coaches from Academies in Europe but by bringing players throughout the country to Europe to train, play and actually experience what it’s like to play football professionally in Europe.

Our drive is simple- we’ve been there, have had kids that played at clubs in the United States who are now playing abroad and we want to share that experience and joy with every player who believes that “ball is life” and every parent who wants to see their kids attain their full potential. My wife was a volvo driving soccer mom- I was an instruction screaming from the sidelines soccer dad (yes- guilty as charged!) We love soccer, so do our kids, spent countless hours(still do) at soccer practices, tournaments in and out of state so we know how you feel, know the issues, know the conflicts, know the pressure and the constant reassurance we have to give our kids. Finally asked…what’s the end game? If the kids dream of playing in Europe, why not give them the opportunity? That’s our motivation- to help as many hard working players as possible to get to their dreams.

We have an amazing team with current and former academy players from across Europe whose aim and objective is to truly help kids continue to enjoy the sport, learn European techniques and system and truly know what is required to be a professional.

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